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HTML 5 Canvas Fingerprinting

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

About two years ago, companies began using the the HTML5 element Canvas to draw unique graphic fingerprints of browser users. The fingerprint can include the web browser used as well as specific operating system specific settings and all header information that are transferred during connection..

for more information:

  1. Canvas Fingerprinting Sites – Lists sites sorted by Alexa rank that use fingerprinting scripts.
  2. Cross-browser fingerprinting test 2.0 – Another fingerprinting test.
  3. Fingerprinting Guidance – Document that defines different types of fingerprinting.
  4. Mozilla Wiki entry on Fingerprinting
  5. Pixel Perfect: Fingerprinting Canvas in HTML – The research paper from 2012 which mentioned the method first.
  6. The Web never forgets: Persistent tracking mechanisms in the wild – Research paper from Princeton and KU Leuven, Belgium that analyzes several fingerprinting methods including canvas, evercookies and cookie syncing.

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