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graph theory and algorithms

Monday, 10 February 2014

nearing the end of lesson 3 — basic graph algorithms of udacity’s algorithms course and was still fuzzy about how to code the concepts and procedures so went hunting for relevant resources on the web and found Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures by Runestone Interactive.

this online course starts with an intro containing a python review, then goes through chapters on analysis, basic data structures, recursion, sorting and searching, and trees and tree algorithms before ending with the chapter on graphs and graph algorithms. features WebM vids for the self check solutions as well as coding exercises.

another good resource is the youtube graph theory playlist of Mathispower4u:

the playlist covers the brute force algorithm, euler paths and circuits, hamilton circuits and lowest cost path, djikstra’s as well as fleury and kruskal’s algorithms, the complete graph, spanning trees, and the nearest neighbor algorithm.

most Matispower4u vids are based on the Math in Society: A survey of mathematics for the liberal arts major book at the Open Course Library.

the book is downloadable in doc and pdf formats in its entirety or by chapter.  the doc graph theory chapter is here, the pdf version here. each chapter also has its own video playlist. the graph theory video playlist is here.

hope these help you as much as they did me! cheers!

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