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codecademy python dash

Thursday, 26 December 2013

a 15-day dash took me through the hoops of codecademy’s basic python track. it consisted of these lessons:pythonIcon

Python Syntax — introductory lesson the Tip Calculator project, a simple calculator that determines the price of a meal after tax and tip.

Strings and Console Output — included string literals, a variety of string methods, and the “print” keyword. practice for this lesson was the Date and Time project.

Conditionals & Control Flow — covered generating  different outcomes based on user input ending with the Pyg Latin translator (Pig Latin for Python Programmers!)

Functions — coding reusable sections to perform a specific task in a program. A vacation expense handler was the project for this one.

Lists and Dictionaries — storing, organizing and manipulating information introduced and practiced with  supermarket and class grade handling projects.

Lists and Functions — combines the use of lists, conditionals, and functions to make a simplified one-player Battleship game.

Loops — iteration with while and for learned and practiced through a program for computing the  mean, variance, and standard deviation of test scores.

Advanced Topics in Python — included iterating over data structures, list comprehensions, list slicing, and lambda expressions.

Introduction to Bitwise Operators — very basic peek at handling patterns of 0s and 1s.

Introduction to Classes —  explains what classes are, why they’re important, and how to use them effectively ending with the driveCar() exercise.

and finally . . . .

File Input and Output — best practice exercise in writing data to a file.

how was it? quite good! the exercises and the editor used in this track was not as buggy as some of those in other tracks. excellent, in fact. in the early parts but the quality got a bit spotty about a quarter of the way to the finish due mainly to codecademy’s way of having different instructors handle different sections of the track. one could, more or less, gauge how good the instructor was by the quality and quantity of questions and clarifications posted by students in the track forum.

thanks, codecademy! sometime, maybe, on to codeyear.

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