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Friday, 25 October 2013

have been roaming through the web the past month or so scoping out tools and resources for this adventure (or what may later turn out to be a misadventure?). jumping off points were and freewaregenius.

these took me to Notepad ++, VUE (Visual Understanding Environment), Annotary, Udacity, and Codecademy.

Notepad++ is a noted free replacement for Windows Notepad that also works as a source code editor. It supports plugins and macros (terms i do not really understand yet) and a gaggle of progamming languages.

VUE is an open source concept mapping project at Tufts University. it is “focused on creating flexible tools for managing and integrating digital resources in support of teaching, learning and research. VUE provides a flexible visual environment for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information.”

haven’t dipped into VUE and Npp yet but i think they will be inavaluable.

also looked into Piggydb which intrigued me with its powerful knowledge fragments, hierarchical  tagging, filtering, and agile organizing functions. but it’s a bottom-up tree and lacks a concept visual map and this i badly need at this point. so to the back burner for Piggydb at this time.

Annotary, an online bookmarking and cataloging platform, i;ve been using for a few weeks. feels nifty with its linking and highlighting tools you can click out of the way and its facility for sharing your collections with other groups on the platform. had to sign up with a marketing outfit to get into the forum section — seems fair enough payback for free use of the platform.

Udacity offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced online courses in many technical fields.  signed up for a forthcoming Design in Everyday Things course. why? yes, i know, life happens hurly burly happenstance so i’ll try my darnedest to align my coding sights properly with this course.

whizzed though the HTML/CSS and Javacript courses at Codecademy to see how fast i could get parts of my coding senses back. went into the beta tester section after recovering from that initial sprint. will be staying with them for introductory python, i think, as i tackle the Tufts design course.

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